HHF Arma 3 Unit Release

author image by hhfadmin | 0 Comments | February 26, 2019

We are proud to announce the full release of our Arma 3 Unit. The 26th Marine Expeditionary Battalion (MEB). We are also accepting applications for the Battalion. IF you are interested please fill out the following form! https://goo.gl/forms/0jX8j8L44ejTNhyG2

Before applying to participate in the unit, please look at our documents:

New Member Orientation

HHF Arma 3 Community Policies and Information:



Important Documents

Disciplinary Policy


Laws of War


Modification File List


Rules of Engagement


The Board of Operations


Weapon and Equipment List


Weapons and Marksmanship


If you are new to Arma 3, we suggest you to learn the controls of Arma; before jumping into the Battalion.


If anyone is interested to see what our schedule looks like: Click here.



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